Photo: Graham Robinson

Welcome to 242 Main Stories!

This blog is a place to collect stories, photos, memories, artwork, and more to assist in creating a print book about 242 Main, the nation’s oldest all-ages music venue and teen center in Burlington, VT. My goal is not only to create a beautiful book that we will all enjoy, but to tell the story of 242 Main so that others may learn from its successes and failures, and understand why it is important to support similar spaces for youth everywhere. This blog will allow us to enjoy some of that material while the book is being created.

Here’s how it works:

Click “Tell Your Story” and fill out the interview form. You can fill this form out more than once if you wish, and you do not have to answer every question, only those marked “required.”  You can also email additional content – photos, artwork, show posters, poetry, essays, etc. directly to me at 242mainstories@gmail.com.

The blog will be a curated selection of the stories and photos that you submit. This means that while not everything submitted will be published, it will all help to inform me and help create a better book.

I want to hear from as many 242 kids as possible, so spread the word! Together, I believe we can create something truly incredible.

– Martha